Most Durable Skate Shoes


Are they tired of buying skate shoes every now and then? Could it be that they do not last long?  We have a solution for you. We have done research on the most durable skate shoes in the market. We came up with a list of the most durable shoes below. We will discuss all their features which will give you an insight into the type of skate shoe to go for.

9 of the Most Durable Skate Shoes – TOP PICKS 2020


Nike does not need any introduction. It is a brand that offers gives you the best skate shoes around the world. It is known for offering its clients with high-quality products. This means that Nike will also not disappoint you. You will get a trendy and durable skate shoe that will give you a great experience as you skate.

Nike SB will not only give you comfort, but also protection from any kind of injuries. This is because it is made using a synthetic material. Its sole is flat and is made from rubber. This ensures that you are comfortable as you skate.

  • It is durable
  • Comes with rubber soles
  • It’s a bit pricy


Adidas has been around for many years. We all know it from the high-quality sports gears it provides. The same case applies to skate shoes. They will provide you with the best skate shoes in the market. The shoes will not only give you comfort while skating but also cover you against any injuries that may occur when skating.

The best thing about Adidas is that it comes with a rubber sole. This provides you with comfort and protection as you skate. Its upper part is also covered with leather which makes it long-lasting since it is resistant to any kind of wear and tear. The inner part of the shoe has a PU liner which enhances your comfort.

  • Comes with a rubber sole
  • Its upper cover is leather making it durable
  • Comes with a PU liner
  • It is not suitable for you if you have big toes

3.DC Wes Kremer2 S Skate Shoes Men’s

Are you a fashion lover? This is the shoe for you.  It is a trendy skate shoe that gives you great comfort as you skate. It has a design that helps in exerting pressure as you skate. Its sole is also flat which gives you so much comfort. The shoe’s outer cover is made of leather. This protects the skaters from any kind of injuries that may occur as they skate.

The sole of the shoe will ensure that you have a great grip while on the skateboard. The grip will help you to avoid sliding off the skateboard.

  • It is durable
  • Comes with a rubber sole
  • It’s made from Super Suede
  • It is pricy

4.HUF Men’s Choice Skateboard Shoe

With this pair of skate shoes, you will experience both comfort and versatility. It comes in many colours which means that you can go for the colour of your choice. This type of skate shoe is so comfortable which ensures that you are comfortable as you skate. They come with a rugged design which is also tough. The design helps in ensuring that you are in control of your skateboard during the skating sessions. You will also have a good grip when skating since it has a comfortable lining. The best thing about this shoe is that it is affordable.

  • The upper cover of the skate shoe is made from leather making it durable
  • It comes with a synthetic sole
  • It has a long-lasting mesh lining
  • Some people find them expensive

5.VANS Sk8- Reissue Skate Shoes

This is a skate shoe that comes with a catchy rugby classy style. It has a really good grip which is a result of the lining inside the shoe. Its upper cover is made from a synthetic material that is durable and light in weight too. The skate shoes also come in many colours so you can go for your favourite.

Another great thing about this pair of skate shoes is that it comes with a great fitting. It is flexible and has a great grip. You will, therefore, have a great experience in your skating experience.

  • It comes with good fittings for everyone
  • It gives you a good grip
  • It is flexible and comfortable
  • Made using synthetic material
  • Has different colour options
  • Less mobility
  • People with bigger feet should go for a skate shoe with bigger fitting

6.Huf Men’s Cromer Skate Shoe

Any shoe lover who loves fancy skate shoes will find this skate shoe amazing. It has a fashionable look which makes it classy. It has a perfect feel which ensures that you are comfortable as you skate. The shoe also comes with a flat rubber sole which enables you to have a good grip while skateboarding. You will, therefore, have a great time as you skate since you will be in control of the skateboard.

  • The upper cover is leather or textile
  • It has a leather sole
  • It comes with a leather toe cap
  • Ladies find them too masculine

7.NIKE Zoom Stefan Janoski Skate Shoes

Anyone looking for skate shoes that are comfortable and easy to break in should go for these skate shoes. They are also durable since the type of material used when making them is long-lasting. The lightness of this shoe gives you a great experience as you skate. You will have a good grip as a result of the inner sole which will enable you to have full control of the skateboard.

  • It is durable
  • It is light in weight
  • Comes with an EVA foam sock liner which gives you great comfort
  • It is versatile
  • Great grip
  • It needs time to break-in
  • Wide size wearer have to go for a size bigger than their normal size

8.Vans Unisex Old Skool Skate Shoes

This skate shoe has a great design that will meet your wildest skating experience. It will give you great comfort and protection since it is made from high-quality materials. Another great thing about this shoe is that its sole is made from rubber. This will give you a good grip while skating. The shoes are also light in weight. This means that they will not be a burden to you as you skate hence great comfort.

  • It has a flat rubber sole
  • It has padded collars which give you comfort as you bend the foot
  • It comes with toecaps that have been reinforced
  • It does not have a padded inner sole

9.Etnies Men’s Senix Lo Skate Shoes

These skate shoes come with a wide variety of colours that you can choose from. It comes with rubber soles which makes it comfortable for you as you skate. Another great thing about them is that their top is made from a mixture of leather and some synthetic materials. This means that you will use them for a long period of time without wearing out.

This pair of skate shoe also comes with a PU collar that is so soft. This ensures a good grip as well as comfort as you skate. They are also the most durable skate shoes in the market. Choosing them will be choosing quality.

  • They are very comfortable
  • It is trendy
  • It is durable
  • It is affordable
  • The synthetic material may not last long

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider when Choosing

Identifying the most durable skate shoes can be tricky. There are those features that you have to keep in mind in order for you to get them. We have discussed some of the features you need to look into before purchasing a skate shoe;

  • Choosing the Right Fit: It is obvious that you need to fit into some of the fit shoes for you to find the right fit for you. The best advice, however, is to know your size before going for fitting so that you will not waste too much time shopping. You may also find that different materials fit differently hence the need to take note of such.
  • Durability: It is important for you to go for a material that is durable. Go for skate shoes made from leather. This is because leather is durable and will withstand all kinds of weather and activities. Another material to go for is suede. This is another durable material if well taken care of. The best thing about suede is that it is flexible and soft. You will experience great comfort and mobility as you skate.
  • Design: The skate shoe design you choose depends on the skater. There are those who prefer the low- top, while others prefer mid – top and the others high- top. Each design has its advantages and disadvantages so you only need to go for one that you are comfortable with.
  • Price: Often, people want to go to cheap skate shoes. What they do not know is that cheap may turn out to be expensive. It would be best if one can go for expensive but high-quality skate shoes. This will ensure that it lasts longer. Going for a low-quality cheap skate shoe may mean that you will keep going back to the shops to purchase another pair. Take your time to save enough to go for the right quality of skate shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How good are Skate Shoes for My Feet?

A skating shoe is the best sportswear you can ever have. You skate for a long time which means that you will wear skate shoes for quite a while. When you go for the best skate shoes, you will have a good time skating since the shoes will fit tightly hence little or no friction. Most of the skate shoes are made using leather. This means that you will be protected from all kinds of injuries when skating. A skate shoe is therefore good for your feet though you need to go for the best ones.

  • Do Skate Shoes make any Difference?

As we all know, skating is a skill that requires some skills. You will be required to control your movements in a controlled manner. This means that you need good skate shoes for you to do it successfully. What you need to know is that skate shoes make all the difference. It has a great grip which gives you control over the skateboard. It will also reduce any friction that may occur as you skate. The answer is, therefore, yes! A pair of skate shoes, therefore, makes the difference.

  • How do I make my Skate Shoes Last for Long?

Any time you need something to last longer, you have to take care of it.  The same case applies to skate shoes. You need to ensure that you are taking care of the skating shoes from bad weather and rough surfaces. You should not apply any liquids when cleaning them since it might damage the material used for making the skate shoes.  To make the shoes last longer, just take good care of them!

  • Can I Use Skate Shoes for Running?

The purpose of the skate shoes is to control your movements when using the skateboard. This means that they are not made for running purposes. You will know a running shoe through its patterns. It comes with a pattern that allows one to run with ease even as you avoid friction. The skate shoe will not offer you that. We can all, therefore, agree that skate shoes are not good for running.


We can finally all agree that going for the most durable skate shoes will definitely give you a great skating experience. After taking your time to go through the list of the 9 most durable shoes, we are sure that you already have the skate shoe to go for in mind.

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