Cheap Electric Skateboard


Electric skateboards were an expensive affair in the past. Most people didn’t have any thoughts of owning them since they thought they would be used temporarily just like the hoverboards. Little did they know that they would become as popular as they are now.

Today, electric skateboards are bought by everyone whether old, teenagers and even children. This is because they have come to the realization that regular skateboards rely on your effort in order for you to move from one place to another. Now, imagine being able to make the same movements without any single effort.  Isn’t it amazing? That is what electric skateboards are known for.

You might think that electric skateboards are expensive because of this feature. You will be surprised that there are affordable ones. Often, when someone mentions that something is cheap, we tend to think that something is of poor quality. However, their electric skateboards are of high quality yet you get them without breaking the bank.

We have done some research and came up with the information that you might need in order for you to choose the perfect electric skateboard. This information will give you an insight into the cheap electric skateboards in the market. You will, therefore, be able to go for the one that suits the features you may be looking for. You will also be able to choose one that fits your budget.

Top 6 Cheap Electric Skateboard – Best Picks 2020

1.MBS Colt 90X Mountainboard

This skateboard is maintained its strengths and also its firmness since it uses coated maple wood to make the deck.  It also has ATS. 12 trucks and a 12 mm axles for it to have some more strength even when the skateboard is heavy.

This type of electric skateboard also has some bindings which are adjustable. This means that you will be able to adjust them to your fitting. You will, therefore, experience great comfort as you skate. Being adjustable also means that the electric skateboard will match the types of tires that your skateboard can hold.

The MBS Colt 90X Mountainboard gives an experience of a lifetime when you are skating. You will experience swift moves since they have some MBS FiveStar hubs and also tires with eight-inch T1 tires. You will also be able to have a great performance since the type of tires used on MBS Colt 90X Mountainboard do not lose the air. They have a rubber with a high rebound which offers you a great experience while skating.

  • It has a laminated maple deck which helps to make it firm
  • It is adjustable hence
  • It is strong yet light in weight
  • It has a high rebound rubber which makes them durable and speedy
  • Its breaks are inconsistent

2.Boosted 2nd Gen Dual plus Standard Range Electric Skateboard

This skateboard is a great choice. Despite having a 6 to 7 miles range, it has great features that would interest you. It is the best for use in urban areas because of its lightweight. As a result of the lightweight, you can carry it around with ease. In case you are the kind that loves covering distances, ensure that you go for the electric skateboard that has an extended battery.

Another benefit of going for this electric skateboard is that it is powerful. It is normally powered with 2000watts. This should however not threaten you since you can use the grip tape which has additional traction. It will make you feel at ease as you skate.

Also, you will be able to experience great speed with this electric skateboard. This means that you will have a perfect time when climbing the hills. Do not worry about the brakes since they respond so perfectly. It is, therefore, a safe even when skating at high speeds. Another great feature is that it is Bluetooth enabled and also has a remote controller. This is a great feature for the purpose of convenience as well as safety.

  • It is light in weight
  • You can use the extended battery when you want to cover extra miles
  • It’s powered with 2000 watts
  • It can use a speed of 22mph when climbing hills
  • The breaks respond quickly
  • It comes with Bluetooth and a remote controller
  • It can become weak even when the battery has power
  • It at times vibrate mostly when the road is too rough

3.BLITZART Huracane GT 38”

BLITZART Huracane GT 38” is among the most efficient and fast electric skateboards. It’s able to cover 23 miles every hour. That a great speed for expert skaters which is why most skaters prefer it. Its batter, however,r needs around 3 hours for it to be fully charged.

Another thing is that the battery can take up to seven days without depleting its charge. You will also love its design whose deck is made using maple and bamboo.  This makes it flexible and sturdy too.

Another great thing is that it has a shape and texture which allows your feet to be steady. You will be able to avoid accidents which may occur as a result of being unsteady. It also has hub motors that are light and small at the same time. This makes it efficient and safe.

  • The use of maple and bamboo makes it firm and sturdy
  • It has the ability to support any skater with 250 pounds and less
  • It has a concave deck that has a grip tape which ensures your safety
  • Its takes a long time to charge

4.MotoTec 1600W Dirt Dual Motor

The fact that this electric skateboard has two motors makes it a perfect choice. It makes it not only safe but efficient too. Its tires are also wide so it is able to move on different terrains without experiencing any challenges. Another great thing about MotoTec 1600W Dirt Dual Motor is that you can use it for about an hour skating at 23 miles per hour without depleting the charge. The downside is that you have to charge it for about 3 to 5 hours once the charge is depleted.

  • Two motors which improve your balance as you turn
  • Big tires
  • Safe stops as a result of the anti-locking systems
  • An auto-shutoff which saves on battery
  • You have to charge the battery for long hours

5.Surf Wheel SU Electric Skateboard

This type of skateboard will give you an experience that you will not get with other electric skateboards. This is because it is an upgrade with more features that other skateboards do not have. It is however good for urban use. Its tires are unique and will enable you to drift and surf with ease.

The beginners do not have anything to worry about since it has then the ability to hold their safety and learner wheels. Another thing about Surf Wheel SU Electric Skateboard is that it is app-enabled. It is able to connect with the surf wheels app. This ensures that you have total control of your electric skateboard. You will be able to adjust its speed without any challenges.

Another great thing about this skateboard is that you can adjust the LED lights to make sure that they match your style. You can also be able to get an update about the status of the battery which helps you to monitor it.

  • It’s a great recommendation for beginners
  • It has great speed
  • It is app-enabled
  • Comes with attractive LED lights
  • You cannot use it on all terrains
  • It’s for beginners with no experience
  • Too low

6.Teamgee H5” 22 MPH Top Speed

Being the thinnest electric skateboard, it can still be used by someone who is around 200 pounds. You will be able to have great control over it since it maintains a3-inch fool proof distance all the time. Most of you may wonder where the battery is because of its thinness. It is normally inside the deck.

Another great thing about this skateboard is that it has great speed. It is able to cover 22 miles per hour. This is a great speed for experts but beginners can cover about 11 to 17 miles per hour. Teamgee H5” 22 MPH Top Speed is the thinnest of all the electric skateboards but you will be surprised that it has 10 maple layers and another 10fibere glass layers.

You will also have a great experience turning skating because of the concave deck. It gives you great balance as you skate. For monitoring purposes, the electric skateboard has an LCD screen. This ensures that you are safe as you skate.

  • It is closer to the ground which gives you great stability
  • It has a classic look because of its thinness
  • It is durable
  • It breaks easily
  • The grip tape peels

Buying Guide:  Factor to Consider when Buying a Cheap Electric Skateboard

When choosing an electric skateboard, it is important to make sure that you have all the features of the skateboard you want in mind. This will enable you to be able to not only make the right choice but also, ensure that it serves you for a long period of time. I have discussed some of the factors that you need to consider when purchasing a cheap electric skateboard.

  • Type: The skills you have should determine the electric skateboard you should go for. Ensure that your skills match the skateboard you plan to purchase. You can either go fora single motor or a dual motor. If you are a beginner, go for a single motor but if you an expert, go for a dual motor electronic skateboard.
  • Battery: Any electric battery relies on batteries. It is therefore important to ensure that the electric skateboard you purchase is of high quality in order to ensure that it lasts longer. A high-quality battery also ensures that the electric board has great performance.
  • Wheels: Different wheels work for different terrains. You should, therefore,e ensure that you purchase an electric skateboard depending on the terrain in your area. You will need special tires for rough roads, hills and also bumpy roads. This will help ensure that your skateboards do not get damaged by the state of the roads.
  • Water Resistance: The lifespan of an electric board will be affected by moisture. It is therefore important to ensure that you purchase a hub motor skateboard. They are the best when it comes to skating in areas that are wet. People who love skating on wet surfaces should also go for them. They will use them for skating without having to worry about damages and maintenance.
  • Warranty: Even as you ensure that the electric skateboard has the best features, it does not mean that it will not get damaged. It will need some repairs at some point. It is for this reason that you need to go to an electric skateboard that has a warranty. It will cater for any damages that occur as you skate. It will also save you some money since you will not have to dig into your pocket for repairs.


The electric skateboards are better than traditional ones. They are also more expensive.  The great thing about it is that you can still find a cheap electric skateboard that will fit your budget. It is therefore important for you to ensure that you conduct thorough research in order for you to ensure that you get the best quality at an affordable price.

You would be surprised to find a cheap electric skateboard whose quality is better than even those that are too pricy.  Do not hesitate to go for the cheap ones thinking that they are of lower quality. Another thing you need to do is carry out a research on the features. Make sure the motor and batteries, as well as the system,m are of good quality. When you do all that, you will be sure to have a cheap electric skateboard that is of good quality.