Best Single Stage Reloading Press


Are you looking for an excellent single stage reloading press? You are in the right place. Anyone looking forward to an efficient reloading press should take their time to research on the best single stage reloading press.  No one should waste their time or effort on a reloading press that is not efficient enough.

There are numerous single stage reloading presses in the market, but if you need a press that will give you an awesome first-time experience, be sure to get the best reviews for the best ones in the market. The choice you make will determine how easy your reloading tasks will be for you.

In this piece, we have analyzed the five best single stage reloading presses which will be of great help in your search for the best and most accurate press.

Top Best Stage Reloading Press

1.Rock Chucker Supreme Press

RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press is the real deal for anyone who needs an enormously substantial beast. It is easy to handle which ensures its efficiency. It loads anything below 50 BMG with ease. This is as a result of the high-quality solid steel that is used in the making of its handles. It also has a surface that is ram bearing. This helps in support of the diameter which is approximately one inch on the central diameter.

Most single-stage presses in the market do not have this feature which makes the stand rock chucker supreme press stand out. Another benefit of rock chucker supreme press is that it has a quality surface that has great versatility as well as stress-free usage. You will get to size the rifle brass without putting in much effort. Rock Chucker Supreme Press should be your favourite presser.  However large the bullets are, you will be able to reload them effectively.

The more you use the presser, the easier it gets. You get used to how it operates as time goes by.  Another positive thing about RCBS is that it has the ability to do heavy-duty types of work. This is as a result of a handle which is a ball-type whose grip is firm.  It is of great help since you only need to press the handle for perfect results. The press is therefore made from high-quality materials hence long-lasting.

You can also be able to maintain the highest accuracy and at the same time load many rounds. This is a result of high-quality built-in materials.  Anyone who has used will tell you that, Rock chucker supreme press is the best model for beginners. It is considered the best since it is straightforward. You will be able to perfectly reload the bullets to be used in the future within a very short time.

  • It has a handle grip that is so comfortable
  • Rock chucker supreme press is easy to advance to an advanced loader
  • Users prefer it for the purpose off reloading of heavy materials
  • Ram control has room for improvement

2.Lee Precision Classic Cast Press

Are you be looking for a press that has large openings? Your search ends here.  Lee precision classic cast press is said to have a long stroke which is easy to handle. You use little or no effort when pressing it. It also has a handle that is adjustable. It makes it easy for the user to move it from both sides comfortably. This means that anyone can use it whether they are right or left-handed.

The best thing about the lee precision classic cast press is that it has the ability to get rid of small guides and springs. It also supports variants that are a bit large. This makes it the best single reloading press in the market.

Another advantage of lee precision classic cast press is that the cast iron used in making it has an ability to endure all its uses. It is made with high-quality materials that are rigid in nature. This helps in ensuring that it gives you results that are desirable from each press. It also gives accurate results.

Another feature that makes it unique is that you can shorten the handles to the desired size. This enables you to load your handgun and rifles easily. The handle also makes the loading process so natural and in the end, ensures a comprehensive functionality. This is the only single stage reloading press on the market that performs different tasks at the same time. You can, therefore, consider purchasing it next time you need a single-stage reloading press.

  • Its handle is adjustable
  • Use of cast iron for the frame design
  • Linkage made from a long-lasting steel compound
  • The user should ensure that the dies are well placed as they press

3.Hornady Lock – N- Load Classic Ammo Reloading Press

Be sure to get the best quality with the Hornady lock -N- load classic Ammo reloading press. It is the most efficient presser which is also the best when it comes to visible functionality.  Its features make it possible for one to decap and fl size as well as prime with a single stroke.

A Lock – N – Load system reloads bullets within seconds’ hence great efficiency when using it. Most people prefer it since it is more accurate than pressers that cost the same as the Lock – N – Load system. Its quality is also top-notch as compared to other pressers in the market.

The best thing about the Lock – N – Load is that it is easy to handle and load bullets without any kind of complication. The grip handle gives you an opportunity to use it several times and the precision will be just as when you used it the first time.

The manufacturers made sure that the arms are made from solid steel in order for the press to last longer.  This helps when you are want to reload more rounds at a go. It gives you time to handle other things other than reloading.

  • Power Pac Linkage
  • It has a bushing structure which is raised with Lock – N – Load functionality
  • A handle that is easy to grip
  • Bushing edges need to be improved

4.RCBS Summit Single Stage Reloading Press

If you need a high-quality single stage reloading press, RCBS summit single stage reloading press is the real deal. Its ram has a 2-inch diameter. One is able to crank out the precision rounds. The presser rounds are well placed and in a perfect position.

The presser has great stability which it gets from the steel linkage.  Having this kind of linkage makes the reloading process more efficient. The ability to set it up easily makes it the best presser for beginners. They only need to follow guide and reloading becomes easy.

Another benefit you get from this presser is that it has a long-lasting frame.  Their handles are easy to use which makes every reload efficiently. This means that you can reload many bullets with every single reload which makes the process easier and faster.

Any user who needs a presser with a full-size length can go for this kind of presser.  They will be able to get better results since the more they reload, the more usage of the presser becomes easy for them.

  • Ability to handle operations through compound leverage
  • 2-inch heavy diameter ram
  • Comprehensive front access
  • Some users may find it too heavy

5.Lee Reloading Press MD

Any client interested in a presser that is good when it comes to overall routine reloading should consider . It is the best when one needs an additional press.  This press will still work effectively even after you combine it with other products in the market.  You only need to ensure that you load light bullets since the Lee press does light duties only. This model cannot be used for long periods. It is for this reason that manufacturers put a side press. It is however fast when it comes to reloading so you can choose it for this reason.

Another reason for you to go for this press is because of the easy to manage handle. It is made from long-lasting materials that enable the user to use it for a long period of time.

  • The handle is easy to handle
  • Very efficient to use especially for first-time users
  • Made using high-quality materials
  • Primers may drop heavily at the rear side of the press
  • It cannot be used for a prolonged period of time

Factors to Consider when Looking for the Best Single Stage Press

  • Quality of the Ram

Ensure that the ram is made from high-quality materials in order to ensure efficiency when reloading. Go for rams that are made from steel or iron. Their material is heavy and will ensure that the reloading process is completed efficiently. Choosing a high-quality ram determines the time frame the press will be used and how efficient it will be.

  • Handles

When looking for a single-stage reloading press, ensure that it has a handle that can be shortened. This will help the user to have a grip that is adequate. Also, ensure that the handles can be used by right-handed and left-handed people.

  • Rounds per Hour

Quality pressers should have the ability to deliver up to one hundred rounds per hour. This would be a great choice. First-timers can use low usage presses as they are the best when it comes to efficiency when reloading.

  • Primers

Primers play a vital role in single-stage presses. This is because their main purpose is to conveniently catch the tray.  There is also a primer tube that holds the primer onto its rightful place. This helps in ensuring that all the reloads are of good quality.

  • A Resizing Die

All presses have resizing dies. You need to ensure that it is effective in order for the user to get great reloading results. An efficient resizing die is equal to convenient reloads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clients will normally have questions about the products they intend to purchase. We have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

  • What procedure should I follow to ensure that I get an excellent single stage reloading press?

Go through the given characteristics of the single-stage reloading press you intend to purchase. Choose the one that is easy to use especially if you will be using it for the first time. Also, check for its effectiveness in the reloading process.

  • How safe are long handles?

Experienced users prefer long handles. This is because they find them efficient when reloading. The use of prolonged handles is for experts who are aware of how the press exactly works. Any inexperienced user should consider using presses with handles that are medium-sized.

  • Is there a need for additional equipment?

You need to use a funnel that you purchase separately. You will also need the primers and a charge before you start the reloading process.  Ensure that you have them before you start the process.

  • Which is the best charging?

The types of bullets a user uses determine the choice of charging. The best thing is to, therefore, go through recommendations from different manufacturers. This will give you an insight into the best charging to purchase. Choose a charging that matches with the manufacturer of your bullets.

  • Does pressing the primer to require much effort?

It is important for one to ensure that they are not using too much effort to prime the case. This will prevent them from going deeper into the case. It will also ensure that the charging is effective and right.


You will only have an easy time when you choose the right and most efficient single-stage reloading press. They will give you the efficiency you may be looking for as well as accuracy. It is therefore important to ensure that you follow the right guidelines when purchasing a press.

Take your time to check out on the single-stage reloading press. Each machine gives efficient reloading especially when you make the right choice.

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