Best Rowing Machine Under 500


Anyone who would want to engage their whole body together with their cardiovascular system when exercising should definitely go for the best rowing machine. You will achieve that with one single work out. Purchasing a rowing machine in today’s world is a smart move. This is because, through a rowing machine, you will not only manage your weight but also, achieve your fitness goals. This explains the reason why rowing machines have become popular among people of all ages. We are going to discuss the features of the 7 best rowing machines under $500. The information will give you an insight into the rowing machine that you may be eyeing.

7 Best Rowing Machine under $500;

1.XTERRA Fitness

You will love this rowing machine for its stylishness. It uses water which gives a natural feel and the coolness that comes with rowing in the water. However, you need to make sure that the water levels are high enough to maintain six levels of water resistance. The rowing machine is also comfortable to work with.

It comes with foot panels that are flexible, a handlebar that is padded and a slightly raised seat that is contoured. This makes getting on and off easier. It also comes with a 5. 5 inch LCD console which helps in giving you feedback when working out. The best thing about it is that it ensures great comfort as well as convenience as you work out.

  • Its design is sleek yet sturdy
  • Users weighing up to 300lbs can use it
  • Water-resistance offers you superb workout
  • Comes with a large 5.5-inch screen
  • The LCD display does not have a backlight
  • Foot panels fall off at times

2.Goplus Water Rowing Machine

Goplus is a rower that is made to enhance your comfort when working out. It comes with an LCD screen that has a backlit. It also has a media shelf that you can use to hold your phone and even tablet as you work out. This rowing machine also comes with a chest strap heart rate monitor.  You will be amazed by its sturdiness and firmness.

The frame is made from steel while the rails are made from dual aluminium. Anyone weighing 220lbs and lower can use it comfortably. It is also very smooth and quiet when in action.

  • Comes with an LCD screen together with the media shelf
  • its rowing action is smooth and quiet
  • It has a chest strap heart rate monitor
  • It’s light in weight
  • It comes with some wheels which make it easy to store
  • It has a 220bl weight capacity
  • Use of media shelf sometimes blocks the LCD screen

3.Sunny Health & Fitness

This rowing machine is popular for its stealthy design which comes with a solid build. Its frame is made from steel which enables it to hold users with 250lbs weight. In as much as it cannot be folded, you can hold it in an upright position in order for you to save on some space.

It comes with an LCD screen which is not only large but also clear. The screen gives you feedback on the distance and time as well as the strokes one makes every minute. You will also get feedback on the number of calories you burn every session. Lastly, it is compatible with the ANT and one’s heart rate. You can, therefore, connect it to the chest strap.

  • Its frame is strong and sturdy
  • Users weighing up to 250lbs can use it
  • It is compatible with one’s heart rate and ANT
  • Its LCD screen is large and incredibly clear
  • The foot pedals are not durable
  • You have to purchase the monitor and chest straps

4.Marcy NS- 6050RE 141

This rower has become very popular over time. It uses air resistance which gives you an authentic feel as well as some versatile challenges. It comes with 8 drag levels that you can choose from. It is best for people who love designs that are stylish and sleek. The frame is made from steel which makes it heavy duty. This means that people weighing up to 300lbs can use it comfortably. You can easily fold it which makes easy to store. Even though the display screen is small, you will still be able to get feedback on time and distance as well as the speed and RPM. Lastly, it is affordable especially for anyone working with a budget.

  • It comes with an adjustable drag
  • Has smooth air resistance
  • It has a solid build
  • Users weighing up to 300lbs can use it
  • Easy to fold
  • Comes with an LCD screen which gives you feedback
  • It gets louder as you continue working out
  • Advanced users find it a bit light


This is another rowing machine that uses air resistance for it to give the user a challenge. It is a relatively quiet rower machine that gives you comfort as you work out. Anyone working with limited space can work with Stamina. You can easily fold it which makes it easier when it comes to storage.

Its frame is robust which gives the user comfort, confidence as well as stability especially when doing heavy workouts. It also comes with an aluminium rail which gives you an easy time when returning the seat. Stamina also comes with a built-in LCD screen which helps you in monitoring your progress.

  • It is solid built which helps in giving a smooth performance
  • It is easy to fold it up and its wheels away hence easy storage
  • Simple LCD screen
  • It is difficult to adjust the resistance
  • Comes with a plastic hub which makes it feel cheap

6.Joroto MR35

MR35 is a rowing machine that comes will all the versatility you would like for a perfect work out session. Its flywheel is made using aluminium which makes it last longer. It will give you a very smooth ride. As a result of its padded seat, you will be able to comfortably up and down on the slide rail.

Another great thing about MR35 is that you can fold it up. This enables you to be able to store it with ease. It also comes with an LCD screen that you can use to monitor your speed, distance, and heart rate. Also, it comes with a holder that you can use to hold your phone, water bottle or tablet.

  • It is versatile
  • It is smooth and quiet when in action
  • It’s a space-saving design
  • It is affordable
  • Putting the phone or tablet on the holder may block the LCD screen

7.Tunturi R30

Tunturi R30 is a perfect rowing machine for beginners. Most people prefer it because it comes with eight resistant levels. It is made using a metallic material making it sturdy and durable. Its side rail is made from aluminium too. Beginners prefer it because it is light in weight. Another great thing about it is that you can fold it up which helps a lot when it comes to storage. It is also suitable for people using limited space.

Tunturi R 30 has some wheels on its bottom. You will, therefore, be able to move it from one place to another without experiencing any challenges. Also, its steel part is painted with paint that is corrosion resistant. Rust will not damage it at any time. Its seats will give you the kind of comfort you would be looking for. The LCD display system enables you to monitor the distance, a number of strokes for every minute and also your heart rate.

  • It is affordable
  • It comes with eight levels of resistance
  • It is smooth as well as quiet when in action
  • Foldable
  • Its seat is too low

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Rowing Machine under $500

There are different types of rowing machines in the market. Having different options to go for maybe confusing but the difference will be on the features.  Each rowing machine functions differently as a result of its features. You will, therefore, need to consider some factors before settling on a specific rowing machine. We have come up with a guide on the factors you need to consider before purchasing the best rowing machine under $ 500. The factors will give you a great insight into the best rowing machine which will not disappoint you.

  • Design: Most lowers come with a specific design whether it is expensive or cheap. This means that the design you go for will greatly depend on the dimensions of the rowing machine. You need to go for a rowing machine that will fit in the available space in your home. Also, go for a rowing machine that will suit your height.  Tall people should ensure that the rowing machine is not too low as they would end up straining when working out. The same case applies to short people. Go for a rowing machine that is not too high. You need to make sure that the inseam length and the length of the place you put your legs is good enough for you to be comfortable. You also need to consider your weight. This will help in choosing a rowing machine that will suit your weight especially if your weight is too much. Once you have all the specifications, you will be able to purchase a rowing machine that will suit your needs.
  • Resistance: Resistance determines how easy or difficult your work out session will be. You need to know if you need water resistance, air resistance, magnet resistance or high-end rowing machines. Each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages so you only need to go for the one that works best for you. The experience you desire to have with a rowing machine will also dictate the type of rowing machine to go for.
  • Console: Each rowing machine comes with a centralized console even though it greatly depends on the rowing machine’s manufacturer. You will need to make sure that its monitors have a good LCD monitor in order for you to get accurate feedback from it. Also, if you need a monitor that shows your heart rate, you will need to go for a machine that is compatible with a monitor for the external heart rate. You also need to go for a high-quality screen which is of good size. Different brands come with different screen sizes and quality hence the need to take your time to get the best one.
  • Features: You need to ensure great comfort when using a rowing machine. This is because your hands, feet, and butt are all involved when using it. You also need to ensure that the handles are well padded or rubberized. This will help to ensure that your hands do not lose your grip when you get sweaty. It is therefore important to ensure that you know the exact features you may be looking for on a rowing machine.


We all need a rowing machine that will suit all our needs. We do not want to experience any challenge when using them. The 7 best rowing machines under $500 we have discussed have different but unique features which will give you an awesome rowing experience. They also fall in under $500 range so you can go for either of them depending on the features you may be looking for and most especially if you are working with a budget.

The 7 best rowing machines under $500 we have discussed will give you a great experience but there are still more models that you can go for in the market in case the 7 do not work for you. Take your time to go through each one of them and we are sure you will settle for a rowing machine that will give you an awesome rowing experience.