Best Progressive Reloading Press


Once you embark on a journey of looking for the best progressive reloading press, you will come across many companies selling them. It is, however, important to ensure that you go for quality rather than for the low price.

Whenever you are looking for a progressive reloading press, it is important to consider factors such as the number of rounds the press delivers per hour. Also, check on how easy it is to change the caliber as well as adjustments. You should also be able to go for a progressive reloading press that is durable. This will ensure that it serves you for a long period of time without having to replace it.

The market for the best progressive reloading press is wide. There are many sellers out there but your concern should be the quality of the reloading press and not the price. It would be wiser to add a few dollars and get a high-quality reloading press than purchase a low-quality press at a cheaper price.

The progressive reloading press is different. Some reload given ammunition while there are those that will cover other areas. All this depends on its design. The aim of the progressive reloading press should be the production of reliable cartridges which helps in saving time and money.

Is it Important to go for a High-Quality Progressive reloading press?

Owning a high-quality progressive reloading press is very important. This is because it will give you an impressive rate while making the cartridges each hour. Another benefit is that the press is able to give cartridges that are accurate. This is as a result of the deburring features which have accurate measurements.

With a good progressive reloading press, you will be able to save a lot of time as a result of its efficiency.  It is also very easy to maintain a progressive reloading press. It may cost you a lot to maintain it but it will give you an easy time when working with it.

Shopping for the best progressive reloading press should be an easy process. It is the most advanced press and is said to work at a high rate. This guide will touch on the key information you need to go through before setting on a specific reloading press.

Top 5 Best Progressive Reloading Press

1Hornady Lock N Load Reloading Press

Hornady lock N is reloader is the most efficient progressive reloading press. It is considered to be a heavy-duty since it handles each reloads efficiently. You need to be patient enough to learn how it operates but once you learn, you will be able to go through the reloading process without experiencing any challenges.

This progressive reloading press has an EZJect System that helps in speeding up the production process. You will not need any kind of adjustments throughout the production process. It will be able to produce around 600 rounds each hour. That is how fast it is.

The most unique features about the Lock N Load progressive reloading press is its ease in operation. It has five auto indexing stations as well as a quick change dies. Its changes calibers from 45 to 223 in minutes.

You will also get to benefit from the powder drop design. It is the best when it comes to efficiency and prevention of accidental spilling. However, you will need to buy shell plates and ides separately. Also, you need to add an ‘O’ spring which is fixed the bushing of the power station for it to remain stable.

  • It’s easy to assemble and Operate
  • It has five complete progressive stage
  • Great powder measuring mechanism
  • Quick reloading process
  • Easy to change calibers
  • Some accessories are purchased separately
  • The press is very expensive

2Lee Precision Load Master 45

Anyone looking for a pocket-friendly progressive reloading press should go for Lee Precision Load Master 45. It is cheap but still has the ability to deliver a speed of 400 up. It also has five progressive stations. It also has a design that accommodates rifle cartridges that are large. It also gives consistent quality as a result of the automatic indexing.

Another unique feature about the Lee Precision Load Master is that you can change the caliber smoothly through the turret head. When there is a given set up for calibers, they become very reliable. This is because the dies will remain in a given place which ensures that there is consistency when doing adjustments.

You only need to switch the shell plates and you can start working. A powder measuring system is available to ensure that there is no spillage or leakage. It is also compatible with many die sizes. This is reason enough to go for it even though its price is low.

  • It is compatible with most dies
  • It has five progressive stations
  • Suitable for large rifle cartridges
  • It is the cheapest among the high-quality progressive reloading press
  • Changing of calibers is easy
  • Its primer system is unreliable
  • You may get inaccurate powder measurements
  • The dies and shell plates are sold separately

3RCBS 9356 Rock Chucker Supreme

RCBS 9356 rock chucker supreme is the deal-breaker. It is made from cast iron which ensures that it does not wear out or even break easily. This means that it will serve you for a long time without having to replace it. Its design is ambidextrous which means that you can use it whether you are right or left-handed.

The loading window is big enough to accommodate large cartridge sizes. This helps a lot in the increasing inefficiency. It is also easy to operate so even a first time user can operate it without experiencing any challenges.

  • The high quality cast iron will serve you for a long period of time.
  • The loading window accommodates all sizes of cartridges
  • The unique ambidextrous design
  • The prime catcher may slide and move from its original place

4RCBS Pro2000 Auto Index Progressive Press

RCBS Pro2000 Auto Index Progressive Press has become very popular over time. Most people who have settled for this press were able to reload the press with ease and also within a short time. This type of progressive reloading press is a press that is solid in construction. Whenever you want to reload the caliber, you will be able to change the press with ease.

This press has a great power management system that prevents any kinds of spillage. It is also efficient when it comes to the operation of levers. This is because one is able to make a smooth pull. Anyone first-time users should consider this press is it is the most efficient and easy to use.

  • Changing of primer sizes is quick and easy
  • There is little or no spillage since the powder management to prevent it efficiently
  • The efficiency in the operation of the lever makes the pull so smooth
  • it’s perfect for the reloading of Ammo on the pistols and the rifles
  • It may be a challenge for first-time users
  • The shell station plates are purchased separately
  • You need to lubricate it to use it easily

5Dillon Precision 4- Stage, Manually Indexed, Progressive Machine

This press is the most versatile in the market. This is because it has the ability to handle all kinds of calibers whether rifles or pistols. It is able to load about 30 to 60 rounds per reload which makes it very efficient. The best thing about it is that it is cost-friendly. You will experience efficiency at an affordable rate.

  • You can load multiple rounds quickly
  • It is pocket-friendly
  • It loads 120 calibers and more
  • It’s the best for shooters across most applications
  • It’s easy to load
  • The lever action is so reliable and smooth
  • You purchase the dies separately
  • First-time users may find the usage stiff
  • Accessories to be used with the press are purchased separately

How to Choose the Best Progressive Reloading Press; A Quick Buying Guide for Progressive Reloading Press

Which is progressive reloading press should you consider to be the best? Finding the best reloading press may be a difficult task especially when you will be using it for the first time. You should focus on its quality as well as safety.  You also need to consider the turret press. Ensure that it is readily installed so that you use it immediately.

Choosing a good progressive reloading press should give you a great experience when using it. Consider the following before purchasing a progressive presser:

  • Durability The accessories and tools on the press should be durable. Go through it and ensure that it is of great quality in order to ensure that it serves you for a long time. You can go for a progressive reloading press made from cast steel or those made from stainless steel.
  • Is it Easy to Use or Assemble? You need to have some experience for you to operate a progressive reloading press. You need to make sure that it is easy to use and assemble. A reloading press with few parts that need to be assembled is easy to operate and use.
  • Rate of Reloading The efficiency of a reloading press determined by its efficiency. Efficiency is determined by the number of cartridges it can produce within a given time. It should be able to produce as many cartridges as possible within an hour.
  • Price The type of reloading press you purchase will greatly depend on your budget. In order for you to get the most suitable presser, focus on features you may be looking for in a press then look at the options you have. You might be lucky to get the reloading press that is within your budget.
  • Total number of Stations We all want a reloading press that has the ability to carry out different activities concurrently. It is the only way that it will be efficient. The Progressive reloading press should have 4 to 6 stations in order for it is able to resize, powder drop as well as powder asses. Make sure that the functions of the reloading presses have different presses.
  • Weight A typical progressive reloading press should be heavy. The weight helps in making them stable. However, it is important to ensure that the reloading press you choose has a standard weight.
  • Gunpowder Management System You need to ensure that the gunpowder management system is efficient. This will help in ensuring that the press has good speed and that it uses all the materials maximally. A good gun powder management system provides you with the amount of gun powder that you need to use on different cartridges.
  • Type of Ammo Use You need to ensure that you purchase a progressive reloading press that can make the type of cartridges that you need. Go for the design with the features that will suit your needs.
  • The Ejection System This system determines the quality of the ammunition you will produce. The ejection system is the one that releases the bullets once they are produced.  An effective ejection system will produce high-quality bullets.
  • The Caliber Changing System The caliber changing system influences the efficiency of the progressive reloading press. Go for one that has an inbuilt charging system as it is said to have reloading rates that are high.


It is important for you to take the time to find the best reloading press. All the above presses are efficient and will give you the best reloading experience. Go for the best quality without paying too much attention to the price as the presses will be worth every price. Purchasing the best progressive reloading press will save you time and money since you will use them for a long time without replacing them.

Take your time to go through the guide and go for the progressive reloading press with the features that are suitable for the reloading process. Going through all the options will give you an insight into the best reloading press that will also fit your budget.

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