Best Offset Smoker


Anyone who loves barbeque knows very well that they need the best offset smoker in the market. A great offset smoker will not only make your barbeque experience awesome but also, enjoyable. It is therefore important for you to ensure that you get the best offset smoker in the market.

Failure to get the best offset smoker can embarrass or disappoint you during the barbeque parties. However expensive it may be, it is important to invest in the best and most efficient grilling and smoking equipment.

Today we are going to discuss the 5 best offset smokers that will give you a wonderful grilling and smoking experience. This information will also give you an insight which will enable you to choose the best and most efficient offset smoker for your next barbeque occasion.

Top 5 Best Offset Smoker

1.Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal LP Gas and Smoker Combo

Anyone looking for an offset smoker with numerous options should consider Oklahoma Joe’s.  This offset smoker is considered to be the best for outdoor cooking. You will have an option of either using the charcoal grill, the smoke and also the gas grill. Most people prefer it for its versatility when it comes to cooking.

Apart from being stylish, it also has compartments that have been divided into 3. This gives you great cooking space since each cooking space is about 1060 sq. inches. The major compartment is used for smoking your food. The side chamber will be used for the purpose of grilling.

Another unique feature for this offset smoker is that it has two chambers that have been separately made.  You will use one when using charcoal or wood fuel while the other one will be used for gas. This is a great advantage since you have many options to choose from.

The type of fuel you choose to use will depend on how first you need the food. You can also choose the fuel depending on the flavour you want your food to have. The best thing about the chambers is that they have thermometers of their own. The gas burner has dial controls too. This means that you will be able to control the temperature as well as the smoke.

The lids which are on sides of the compartments enable you to trap the smoke and also the heat. This increases efficiency levels during the process of cooking.

  • This offset smoker enables you to cook various meals at a go
  • You have a choice of the type of fuel you need to use
  • It provides you with a large capacity for all your cooking needs
  • It is easy to control the smoke and the heat in the chambers
  • Each cooking chamber has a separate thermometer
  • This offset smoker comes with a shelf that is just below the cooking chamber which gives you easy access to the grilling equipment
  • The equipment is heavy hence may not be suitable for a single person

2.Dyna- Glo DG1176 BDC – D Charcoal Offset Smoker

There are people who enjoy smoking meat. It could for the love of the taste from smoked food, for enjoyment or just as a hobby. It is different for people who are in the meat business. In case you are one, I would recommend that you take your time to look at this offset smoker. It has great potential which will give you excellent and professional results in your business. It is an offset smoker that has great potential.

This offset smoker comes with a vertical smoking chamber that is very tall. It also comes with a black colour that is so elegant. Besides all that, this offset smoker is of great quality. This is because it is made from heavy steel which also coated.

The best thing about this offset smoker is that it is not only efficient but also controls smoke and heat in a great manner. Apart from that, it has a burner whose BTU is 15000. It also has an ignition system that is electronic. This helps in ensuring that one lights a burner with ease.

The firebox of this offset smoker comes with a porcelain – coated chamber made from steel. This helps in ensuring that the charcoal briquettes are packed together. In return, you will experience efficiency since the fuel will definitely increase and you will, therefore, get the temperature you need.

You will monitor the temperature on the offset smoker through a thermometer that is inbuilt. The smoke zone indicator also shows you the temperature rate that you need for you to be able to smoke your meat.

Another unique feature is that its chamber comes with a management system for charcoal and ash. It also has an ashtray that collects all the ash from the chamber. The ashtray does not get overloaded easily. This means that you can put your focus on cooking and smoking rather than cleaning.

This is the best offset smoker you will ever come across. I would recommend it to anyone in the meat business and also those who enjoy smoking their meat at home.

  • It’s suitable for people in the meat business and also for home cooking
  • It has double doors which help in ensuring that heat does not escape from the chambers
  • It has a cooking capacity of 1176sq. inches
  • A smokestack has a flue that is adjustable which enables one to control the amount of smoke and heat that it should trap in the chamber
  • It has a vertical design which ensures that the smoke rises. This in return gives one a great cooking environment.
  • It’s not easy to move it around since it does not have rollers

3.Char – Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker

When you have a small family, you do not want to have an offset smoker that is not movable. You want an offset smoker that can be moved from one place to another with ease. Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker will give you a great experience since it is spacious yet light.

This offset smoker has little weight as compared to the other smokers yet it is spacious enough. Apart from the cooking chamber, the smoker has a firebox where one can grill some dishes. It also has a small counter where one can put plates or spices and even salt.

It also has a thermometer on its lid which monitors the temperature. This means that you will be able to control the heat and smoke in the chambers. This offset smoker is also made from high-quality steel which does not rust or chip.

  • It’s of smaller size hence lighter which makes it the best for individuals and smaller families
  • Its grilling chamber and smoking chamber are separate so you can grill and smoke meat at the same time
  • It has a counter where you can keep everything you need when grilling or smoking
  • There is a door on the firebox which gives you enough room for cleaning the ashes
  • There is no ashtray on the firebox
  • It is not the best pick for a larger family

4.Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Offset Smoker

This offset smoker is suitable for large families. You can grill as you smoke since these two chambers are separate.  This is the only offset smoker that has a grade thermometer. It is the most accurate thermometer since it shows you the exact temperatures when you are smoking or grilling.

To get juicy and flavoured meat, you will need to use the damper which is on the firebox’s side. It will also help you to control the temperature. The firebox has a door that is easy to open and do some cleanup.

Another unique feature is that the smoker has handles which are coated with chrome. This means that they cannot become hot however hot the fire in the chamber is. It also has a mesh table where you can keep plates, salt, spices and any other thing you may be used while grilling or smoking.

  • It has a spacious smoking and grilling area
  • There is a damper in the firebox which helps in the control of smoke and temperature
  • This smoker has a professional-grade which shows accurate temperature results
  • Its handles are made from chrome which does not get hot even after heating
  • It is too heavy
  • There is no ashtray on the Firebox

5.Char-Griller 1224 Smokin Pro

We all want an offset smoker that not only looks good while on the yard but also, one that is efficient when it comes to smoking or grilling. With that in mind, you will go for Char – griller 1224 Smokin pro. This smoker has a design made from wooden accents. The design makes it very unique and elegant for your outdoor cooking.

This offset smoker has a black powder coating on its steel body. The powder coating helps a lot in making sure that the coating of the smoker does not rust, chip or crack. This means that the smoker will be useful for a long time without it wearing out.

There are some tables on the side and also in front of the chamber and also a handle that is wooden. You can keep your plates and other cooking equipment since it is within reach. The smoker’s firebox is spacious and has an area where you can add wood and charcoal without opening the whole firebox.

There is a heat gauge on the cooking chamber where you can adjust heat to the temperature you want for your cooking.  They’re also a fire grate where you can do some side grilling. Once you are through, you can empty the ashtray.  You do not have to go through the tedious work of cleaning after cooking.

  • It is elegantly unique because of the wooden parts on the chambers
  • The smoker’s body is made using high-quality steel which is coated to prevent rusting and chipping
  • There is a firebox grate is where you can grill more dishes
  • The table on the side helps to keep the things you are using close to you when grilling or smoking.
  • The ashtray is removable hence easy to clean
  • The smoker should be kept away from the rain because of rain that may destroy the wooden parts

The Buying Guide for Offset Smoker

  • Why use an Offset Smoker?

Most people may question the need to purchase an offset smoker when they can use a griddle to grill. The answer is that an offset smoker will give your food some flavour and great textures that you cannot get from a griddle. The smoking process may be slow, but it is worth the wait since it enhances the taste of your food.

An offset smoker can also be used for multiple purposes. It can be used at home and one can also carry it when going camping far away from home.

  • Should you buy a Vertical or Horizontal Offset Smoker?

Vertical chambers are the best because it has multiple racks which accommodate meat of different types. It also cooks slowly since the smoke upsurges naturally.  The more expensive since most people go for the horizontal ones

  • How should the Temperature and Smoke Control be?

It is important to control the temperature while cooking for you to achieve great results. It is for this reason that you need a good thermometer that can give you the temperature that is inside the cooking chamber. The chambers should also have dampers and also a smokestack. The dampers will enable you to be able to control the smoke and heat inside the chamber. It would be great if the dampers were adjustable.

  • An Ashtray and Door to the Firefox?

You need to ensure that you purchase an offset smoker that has an ashtray. This will help you with cleaning since you will only remove it, empty it and return it inside the firebox. Also, makes sure that the firebox has a door in order for you to be able to access the fuel.


An offset smoker is the most valuable item that you will ever have. If you are the kind of person who loves doing barbeque with family and friends in your yard, then you need a good offset smoker. It will not only give you a great grilling and smoking experience but also great bonding with them. It is however important for you to make sure that you get the best and most durable offset smoker. Also, consider the size of your family and their preferred taste as you purchase the offset smoker. With an offset smoker, you can go to any length in mastering the smoking and grilling art.