Best Hamster Food


The sight of a hamster’s cheeks full of food is quite amazing. Hamsters are most people’s favourite pets. They are amusing and fun to be with but require much care. Apart from providing them with shelter and exercise, they need to feed on healthy and well-balanced food throughout the day.

The type of food you give to your hamster will reflect on its health and wellness. It is therefore important to make sure that your hamster is not neglected. In case you have no clue about where to begin your search for healthy hamster food, you do not have to worry.  We have come up with a detailed guide on the 8 picks for the best hamster foods.  All you need to do is pick the one that is most suitable for your hamster.

After picking the best hamster food, all you need to do is follow the given feeding instructions. Following the instructions will help in ensuring that you do not overfeed your hamster hence ensuring that it does not gain unnecessary weight which may make it unhealthy.

As you look for the best food for your hamster, it is important that you take your time in order for you to get the best and most nutritious option. Some of the foods may be expensive but they are worth every penny. Your hamster will get nutritious food that is not only well balanced but also, that has useful minerals.

Also, ensure that the food you choose meets the specific needs of your hamster. This is because just like humans, hamsters also can also be choosy when it comes to the type of food you provide them with. Observe your hamster’s eating behaviour and identify the type of food it likes. This will give you an insight into the food to go for. It will also save you money and time since the food you purchase will not go to waste as the hamster will feed on it.

Continue reading for more insights on the best and most healthy food hamster food. After going through the list, you will be in a position to choose the most suitable hamster food for your hamster.

Top 8 Picks for the Best Hamster Foods

1.Oxbow Essentials Hamster and Gerbil food

Are you looking for a nutritious and balanced diet for their hamster should go for Oxbow Essentials Hamster and Gerbil food? This type of food of high quality in regards to nutrition so you will be sure of the good health of your hamster with every bite that it takes.

It is a type of food that is made specifically for hamsters so you should not worry about it as it will provide your hamster with all the necessary nutrients. The best thing about this food is that vitamins and minerals have been directly included in it.  It is also considered to be the best since there are no added preservatives, colours or flavours.

This food is also of high calories and less sugary which makes it the best pick for your hamsters. Any hamster will enjoy this type of food.  Choosing this food is choosing a healthy life for your hamster.

  • The food is rich in nutrients
  • Free from any kind of additives.
  • It contains vitamins and minerals making it a complete balanced diet
  • It is expensive
  • Some pieces are too large for dwarf hamsters

2.Sunbursts Gourmet Food Mix For Hamsters

Sunbursts’ gourmet food mix for hamsters is a type of food that contains natural ingredients such as sunflower seeds and well-balanced pellets. It also contains fruits that have been dried without adding any preservatives. It helps to ensure that you give your hamster nutritious foods hence good health.

This food also contains vitamins and minerals which enables the hamster to meet all its nutritional needs. It also has some antioxidants for the health and wellness of the hamsters. The food has some probiotics for digestion purposes. Another thing is that this food comes with bags that are sealable in order for it to keep the food fresh for a longer time.

  • The food is of high quality
  • It contains antioxidants which boost one’s immunity
  • It comes in different textures and textures too
  • There are no added artificial preservatives and colours on the food
  • Some hamsters may not like the food textures

3.The Ecotrition Essential Blend for Hamsters and Gerbils

Would you want your hamster to flourish? The Ecotrition Essential Blend for Hamsters and Gerbils is the best food to purchase for your hamster. It is made through nutritious ingredients which are also healthy which enables your hamster to remain healthy and strong. The food is made in such a way that the hamster can easily chew it.

The food is also easy to digest since the food contains a lot of fibre. It has different tastes and textures so one can choose one that suits its hamster. To boost the hamster’s immunity, the food contains fortified vitamins and minerals. Its flavour is also very delicious which will help in ensuring that your hamster enjoys its food.

  • The food contains natural high-quality ingredients that are rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • It has antioxidants which boost one’s immunity
  • The pellets contain a lot of nutrients
  • It may be expensive for some people

4.Tiny Friends Farm Hazel Hamster Tasty Mix

Anyone looking for hamster’s food that has a variety of tastes should go for a tiny friend’s farm hazel hamster tasty mix. This type of food comes in different tastes and textures too. The textures are meant to support the foraging behaviour of your hamster. It is also crunchy which helps in cleaning their teeth.

The good thing about this type of food is that there are no added flavours or even sugars. It can be taken by all types of hamsters without them encountering any kinds of problems. Research has shown that this type of food is good for hamsters with bad eating habits.

  • It’s the best for choosy hamsters
  • It has a variety of tastes and textures
  • It’s well balanced and very nutritious
  • It has no added sugars or flavours
  • It contains vitamins and mineral supplements
  • It can be eaten by all breeds of hamsters
  • Some clients find it seed heavy

5.Sunseed Company Vita Prima Dwarf Hamster Formula

Most foods are made for big animals that can eat large pieces of food without any challenges. The small hamsters tend to be forgotten yet they need smaller pieces of feed that they chew comfortably. Sunseed company vita Prima Dwarf Hamster Formula is the best food for the small hamsters.

It is not only nutritious but also good in encouraging foraging behaviour. It contains seeds and nuts as well as pellets that contain a lot of proteins, fibre, and fats. The food also has DHA supplements that are good in brain development. The probiotics in the food help the hamsters to be able to digest the foods easily.

  • It’s rich in DHA and healthy fats
  • It is rich in fibre and proteins
  • It contains probiotics supplements
  • It has high bioavailability
  • It is rich in minerals and vitamins
  • It has high grain content

6.Kaytee Healthy Bits Treats for Hamsters

Our main focus is on providing our hamster with a healthy and balanced diet. It would also be great if we could give our hamsters with some supplements. This will enable them to break the norm of just taking normal food. Kaytee healthy bits treats for hamsters is the perfect food for your hamster whenever you want them to change from the normal food.

The food contains some nuggets which have different tastes and textures too. This food contains vitamins and minerals which are good when it comes to boosting one’s health and immunity. The probiotics in the food are also helpful when it comes to digestion.

As much as the supplements are good for your hamster, you should make sure that you do not give them more than 20% daily.  They are so tasty so it may be tempting since the hamsters want to eat and eat more.

  • It contains a variety of tastes and textures
  • It is easy to feed the nuggets
  • It contains vitamins and minerals
  • The probiotics help in food digestion
  • It’s great for chewing
  • It’s not nutritious since it is a supplement
  • It may be too long for small hamsters

7.Kaytee Fiesta Hamster and Gerbil Foods

If you would want to keep your hamster happy with a healthy meal, go for Kaytee fiesta hamster and gerbil food.  This type of food comes in a variety of shapes as well as textures. The shapes keep the hamster entertained throughout its feeding time as it also supports its dental health as it chews the food naturally.

The foods contain nutritious pellets which have some seeds and grains as well as crunchy bits. This food also has antioxidants which are good for boosting the hamster’s immunity and improving its digestion. Vitamins and minerals in the food ensure that the food is nutritionally balanced. It does not contain any preservatives and it comes in a resealed bag for freshness purposes.

  • The food comes in different textures for the hamster’s dental health
  • The food encourages foraging behaviour
  • It’s rich in antioxidants which boosts one’s immunity
  • Probiotics help indigestion
  • No added preservatives
  • The food contains added colour
  • The food is not nutritionally complete

8.Ecotrition Yogies Hamster Treats

We all want a nice treat once in a while. Our hamsters too. Ecotrition yogis hamster treats are the best treatment for your hamster as they contain healthy ingredients. They contain a combination of natural yoghurt and cheese. This is a combination that your hamster cannot resist because of its sweetness.

This food comes in small sizes that are easy to feed. The best thing about them is that they are cheap. Anyone can afford them for their hamster. They also come in a sealed bag which helps to keep them fresh for a long time. You should only give the hamsters one or two treats in a day in order to supplement their diet.

  • Real yoghurt is used when making it
  • It has a natural cheese flavour
  • It comes in small drops that are easy to feed
  • It is affordable
  • It comes in a sealed bag
  • It’s the best for training hamsters
  • It is not balanced
  • The drops may melt when exposed to heat

A Buying Guide for the Best Hamster Food

  • Ensure that the food you pick is designed for consumption by hamsters. This will help in ensuring that you cater to the needs of the rodents since they all have different nutritional needs. Do not feed your hamster with food designed for other animals.
  • Go for a blend of pellets and mixed seeds. Ensure that the pellets are well balanced with the required nutrients in their right amounts.
  • It is important to ensure that you go for a blend that has oats, fruits, and vegetables, pellets as well as maize and sunflower.
  • The product you choose should also have proteins or you can give it some protein supplements.


You should feed your hamster with fruits and vegetables. You can feed them on broccoli, kales, peaches, mangoes, cucumbers, raspberries as well as cauliflower and apples. In case you want to give it some little proteins, you can give them one boiled egg in one day. More than one egg will be too many proteins for the hamster.

There are those things that you need to avoid giving your hamster. Do not give the hamster apple or grape seeds. Also, do not give it almonds, onions or garlic and eggplants. Now that you have a clue of the good and bad food for the hamster, you should follow all the instructions to ensure that it is healthy and that it enjoys its food to the fullest.