Best Darts for Beginners


One mistake beginners make when choosing a dart is going for the cheap makes. They think that they are all the same. However, there are many factors you need to look into before settling for just any dart.

Choosing the right dart may be tricky. This is because the type of dart you go for will not only determine how well you play but also how well your skills will develop and grow. You do not want to end up with darts that bounce back when you throw them on the board.

Any beginner needs to go through this guide. We will highlight the best darts for beginners together with their features. The information will in return give you an insight into the 11 best darts to go for as a beginner.

The 11 Best Darts for Beginners

1.Viper by GLD Products

One thing you will love about this dart is its steel tip. It is durable and strong. The material used when making them is of high quality which makes it last longer. They also come with locking holes which help in ensuring tight fittings. Tight fittings help in maintaining stability which in return enhances your performance. However, they are a bit expensive but worth the price.

  • It comes with an aluminium case which is protective
  • It’s bigger in size
  • Has a good grip
  • It comes with locking holes which gives you perfect stability
  • It comes with extra flights
  • Made from the best tungsten quality
  • Maybe pricy for a beginner
  • They do not come with replacement shafts

2.Target Darts

Target Darts come with soft tips which explains why every beginner should go for them. It has the best grip so anyone struggling with gripping darts when playing should go for them. This dart is also very stable when on the air. It does not sway. This is because its weight is evenly distributed. It will, therefore, maintain a straight path until it hits the dartboard. The downside it the price. It is quite expensive but worth every penny.

  • Its grip is excellent and stable
  • Its weight is well distributed
  • Its design is aesthetic
  • It is expensive


Any dart player looking for high-quality darts should consider going for Bottelsen. They are made in such a way that they can bus with the electronic dartboards. This helps you to automatically score your throws. Its tip is soft and thin so it will make its way to any tiny whole in the dart.

The weight of the dart is also well distributed hence balanced. You will have an easy time playing with it since it will give you a tight grip. Rarely will the dart slip off your fingers. The versatility these darts offer you are also on another level. The darts are of high quality so they will serve you for a long time. It comes with the most resilient tips you will ever come across.

  • It is durable
  • Its weight is well distributed hence balanced
  • Versatility in knurling
  • It is expensive


Any beginner who is keen on sharpening their skills should go for CUESOUL. The darts are of high quality and of the right weight.  You will find that the dart’s weight is centered. This gives the player a good time when playing since the dart cannot slip off the fingers. You are able to control the darts as you play. I would recommend these dart to beginners since they are well rounded and their prices are fair too.

  • It is suitable for use by any beginner
  • Its weight is centered hence easy to control
  • Durable tips
  • Offers you a perfect grip
  • Solid shafts
  • Fair price
  • Its flights are not of the best quality

5.K.O. Darts

K. O. darts are made by Bottelson Company. It is a set of long-lasting darts. Anyone looking for high-quality darts which are relatively heavy should go for these darts. They are easy to balance so the players can work with them effectively. The best thing is that they are durable. They contain about 95 % tungsten on the barrel while the shaft is made from aluminium. You will, therefore, be able to use them for a long period of time without replacing them.

You will find that the darts are slim despite being heavy. The best thing about darts is that they have moveable points. When the dart touches the board, some of the points push in. this helps in ensuring that there are no bounce backs.

  • It has moveable points
  • It has about 95 % tungsten hence durable
  • The shaft is made using aluminum
  • It is pricy

6.Dart World

Dart’s world is classy and charming. Anyone who loves working with fine darts should for it. Any beginner should for it since it comes with a compact design making it easy to use. It is of high quality hence durable. This dart is also balanced and also strong. It will give you a tight grip when playing so you can focus on the game.
It is also worth mentioning that these darts have an ability to pinpoint set targets which gives the player higher chances of winning. Also, the darts cannot slip off the hands as a result of its perfect grip. Its razor design gives you the confidence to keep playing and winning. This dart is, therefore, the best dart package you will come across as a beginner.

  • Classy and charming
  • Comes with a compact design
  • It can pinpoint set targets
  • Perfect grip
  • They do not come with extra shafts


IgnatGames is a dart with a steel tip. The manufacturer had a professional in mind when they made this dart though it is also perfect for a beginner. It has knurled brass barrels that have medium weight. The weight gives one a perfect grip as they play since it cannot slip off the hands. It is a dart that can be used by professionals as well as beginners.

  • It is best for players at all levels
  • It’s easy to grip because of the knurled surface
  • It’s a heavy-duty barrel
  • The shafts can break if they fall off and hit the floor


CyeeLife is a type of dart that will not only give you convenience but also comfort as you play. Its shaft is covered with rubber which offers you a tight grip as you play. The darts cannot slip off the hands as you play. Its weight is also evenly distributed which enables you to throw the dart with great speed. Most professionals go for this type of darts even though it is most suitable for beginners.

  • The shaft is covered with rubber hence gives you a tight grip
  • Its weight is evenly distributed
  • Most suitable for beginners
  • Its durable
  • The rubber around the shafts may wear out

9.Red Dragon Darts

We cannot describe quality using any other term other than Red Dragon darts. Anyone on a budget should go for these darts. You will get a great dart but you will not have to spend a fortune on them. Its weight is well distributed which enables you to have a great grip as you play. The tips are of high accuracy. You will be able to play and win with ease. They are the best darts for beginners.

  • They are of high quality
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Its weight is well distributed
  • It comes with some check out cards
  • You cannot use them with a dartboard that is electronic


The reason why most people prefer harrows is because of the amount of tungsten it contains. The tungsten enables it to be the strongest darts you will come across in the market. This also makes them a great choice for beginners. They will not have to worry about them breaking or damaging the dartboard.

You will also love its grip. It is nicely grooved which enables the grip to be firm. You will, therefore, be able to throw the darts without it slipping off the hands.

  • It offers you a firm grip
  • It contains 97 % of tungsten
  • It is durable
  • The texture of the barrel is grooved for an easy and tight grip
  • The shaft is made using plastics hence not long-lasting
  • It is light in weight

11.CC- Exquisite

These darts come with the best steel tips a beginner would ever have. It also has a shape that is flexible making which enables you to shape it as you like.  It is built with fine steel which gives it a better flight than other darts. It is easy to use hence suitable for beginners.

  • It is customizable
  • It offers you a great balance
  • Comes with a unique sharpener
  • It shaft may not be durable

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Darts for Beginners

As a beginner, there are those factors that you need to consider before you purchase darts.  Failure considers them may lead to the purchase of either low-quality darts or darts that will not meet your needs. You are lucky because we have come up with some of the factors below:

  • The Type of Darts you need: You need to know that there are soft and steel tip darts. The soft tip is normally used with an electronic board. It lasts long but the steel tip board is more durable. This means that you can go for either but anyone who values high quality and long-lasting darts should go for steel tip darts.
  • Knowledge of Different Types of Darts: As a beginner, you need to be in a position to mix and match parts of the darts until you find the most suitable for you.  By doing this, you will be able to get the type of dart you would like and one that you will be able to use with ease.
  • Dart Weight: It is important for you to consider the weight of the dart since it will determine how successful your throw will be. Also, the dart weight will determine the speed of the dart. We recommend a heavy dart as it will move faster as opposed to light darts.
  • Grip: The part that you grip is called a barrel. You should try out different barrels until you get the one that you are comfortable with. There are also different designs of barrels. They are all unique in one way or another. Make sure that the design you choose gives you an easy time when playing.
  • Flights: You need to choose the flights wisely since they will determine your accuracy. Even though they come in different sizes, they are either smooth or dimpled. Most people prefer the dimpled ones since they are more stable. As a beginner, you need to ensure that you try out different flights until you get one that you are comfortable with.
  • Budget: When you do not have an issue with money, you can go for any dart that pleases you. People working on a budget need to go through numerous darts until they identify the one that will suit their needs. There are high-quality darts that you can choose from. You only need to take the time to get the best.


As we mentioned, you must have some knowledge of how to mix and match the parts of a dart. This will give you the required combination that will work perfectly. You need to take your time to experiment with the darts until you identify one that is of the right weight as well as a firm grip. This will give you a taste of all the combinations until you get the most suitable one. You may not have many choices to choose from especially if you are working with a budget but you will still get a high-quality dart.

Our recommendation is Viper Diamond soft tip if you have enough money since it is quite expensive. Those working on a budget can go for Ignat Games steel tip since it is the most affordable. Take time to go through all the darts we have discussed and we are sure you will find the most suitable one.