Best Cordless Jigsaw


Cordless jigsaws are must-have tools in your workshop. They are versatile and will help you create any curved designs on the materials you intend to shape. Looking for the best cordless jigsaw may be tricky bearing in mind that they are so many in the market. You will find that all cordless saws are built the same. The difference comes in the features. However, if you want to experience efficiency, you must go for the best cordless jigsaw.

You will only experience maximum speed while cutting wood or other materials when using a cordless jigsaw. It will enable you to work efficiently since the challenges will be minimal. You are lucky because we have taken our time to research the best cordless jigsaws in the market. Our research is based on their performance and quality as well as their prices.

In our list, we have analyzed the best cordless jigsaws together with their features. This information will give you an insight into the best cordless jigsaw to go for. Anyone looking for one needs to go through the list and identify one that they think will suit their needs.

The 10 Best Cordless Jigsaw

This cordless jigsaw is perfect for cutting wood, metal, and tiles as well as laminates. This, however, depends on the blade type you go for. You need to ensure that the blade is of high quality. This will improve efficiency when cutting. Its motor is at 20 V which helps in giving you a great work output.

Another great feature is the ergonomic handle which is easy to handle and has a great grip. The handle will ensure that you have great stability while working. It also comes with a dust blower which helps in the removal of dirt making the next cut easier. It is light in weight making it suitable for use by beginners and experts too. The best of them all is that its blade is sharp and keyless.

  • Comes with an ergonomic handlebar
  • Comes with four cutting options
  • Its design is limitless and durable
  • It is accurate
  • It’s expensive
  • Its battery back-up is poor

Makita is not only pocket-friendly but also comes with star protection computer controls which are a security feature.  It is a feature that is useful in protecting the motor in the cordless jigsaw from overheating or even overloading. This helps in ensuring that you work for many hours without experiencing any challenges.

Another great feature is the brushless design which helps in the cleaning of the stuff that may get caught in between the brush. As a result of the great speed, you can install more than one blades. You will, therefore, be able to cut as many metals and wood as possible within a short period of time.

  • It works at a high speed
  • It is accurate and gives you a fast cutting experience
  • The power is enough to cut hard metal
  • Its brushless motor does not need any maintenance
  • Its lock-up system can be messy
  • Some of its security features are complex

Just like you would expect from any German products, Bosch is a cordless jigsaw that is of great quality. Its durability is on another level too. You will use it for a long period of time without experiencing many challenges.

Its features are also great. It has a speed trigger which helps in the control of speed when working with it. It also comes with an LED light which ensures great visibility when cutting. You will, therefore, have clear cuts even when the light is not too bright.

Another great thing about this cordless jigsaw is that you can easily change the blades. It will take you a few minutes to do so. This model has the ability to keep compact and also lightweight. It is smaller when you compare it with its competitors but its efficiency is on another level.

  • It’s durable
  • It’s light in weight
  • It is expensive

Most people prefer Hitachi because of its handle. It has the best one as compared to the other cordless jigsaws. The handle provides the user with a firm grip hence great ease when working with it. It also comes with LED lights which gives the user a clear vision as they work. It is easy to change the blades since you do not need any tools to do it.

  • Cuts all types of materials easily
  • Comes with LEDs which enhances one’s vision
  • Easy to change blades
  • It has the capability to store more than six blades
  • Its power range is too low
  • It does not come with a vacuum adapter

Even though Ryobi will cost you more than the other cordless jigsaws, they come with all the features you could be looking for. You will have a great experience when using it as a result of its features. It has a blade saver design which has numerous speed options. Its speed dial is easy to use so you will not have any challenges when using it.

Another great feature is that it comes with a trigger lock together with a tool-free clamp that holds the blades together. The best thing is that you do not need any extra tools for you to open the clamps which makes it so convenient for the user. It has great speed which will give you great performance.

  • The trigger lock acts as a security
  • It has a high speed
  • It comes with 4 bevel cutting options
  • It is easy to adjust its grip
  • It is quite expensive
  • it is not suitable for use by beginners

Could you be looking for a cheap cordless jigsaw? You are in the right place. You will get quality and efficiency in Black & Decker BDCJS20C Cordless Jigsaw. Its speed options are variable and come with buttons that you can change instantly. It also has a blower which helps in the removal of debris that may be stuck.

Another great feature is that it is compatible for use by both T and U shank blades. This means that you can cut hard metals with it easily.

  • It gives perfect cuttings
  • It is compatible with T and U shank blades
  • It comes with a dust blower and LED lights
  • Its warranty does not allow refunds
  • You need certain tools for you to change the blades

Anyone looking for a lightweight cordless jigsaw should go for Milwaukee. It is easy to operate which makes it easy for beginners to operate it. Most people love it because of the efficiency that comes with using it. It also comes with a great handle which makes it easy for the user to operate it. It’s a downside is that its speed is slow as compared to the other cordless jigsaws but it still cuts wood and metals efficiently.

  • It is light in weight
  • It is manoeuvrable
  • It has low speed
  • It is underpowered
  • It has no blower

Most people go for this cordless jigsaw because of its strong tools that come with a lifetime warranty. You will also love its handle which is so solid and easy to handle. This helps in making sure that you are comfortable while working with it.

The cordless jigsaw also comes with a brushless motor which is not only efficient but also durable. Its blade is also firm which ensures that you get straight cuts.

  • It comes with a brushless motor
  • The warranty is only honoured if you purchase the cordless jigsaw from the Home Depot

If you want a powerful cordless jigsaw with top speed, then Porter cable PCC650B should be the cordless jigsaw to go for. It has great triggers that give you great control over the speed. It also comes with orbital settings that help in dust blowing. This means that at no time will dirt get stuck in the blades.

Even though it is not pricy, it is of great quality. It also comes with a three-year warranty. This means that you can go for a replacement in case it becomes faulty within that period.

  • It comes with a 3-year warranty
  • It is powerful
  • Its speed is so slow
  • Its base is weak

This is the most affordable cordless jigsaw in the market. It comes with a 20V battery whose price is included in the price of the cordless jigsaw. Another great feature is that it comes with LED lights which enables the user to have a clear vision as they cut. It is also affordable.

  • It’s affordable
  • Easy to change blades
  • It is overweight

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider when Buying a Jigsaw

Before you settle for any cordless jigsaw, you need to consider these factors;

  • Type of Blade: It is important that you go for a high-quality blade. Its shape does not matter as long it’s of great quality. The right blade will not only serve you for a long time but also ensure that you complete your project on time. The right blade will also ensure that you do not damage your machine. It would be an expensive affair once the blade damages the machine since that will be an extra expense for repair. The type of work you will use the blade for will also determine the type of blade to go for. Ensure that the blade for harder material has more teeth than lighter materials.
  • It’s Speed: It is important to consider the speed of the motor that powers your jigsaw. Make sure that it makes as many strokes as possible per minute. This will help in ensuring that you complete the projects on time. The higher the speed, the greater the efficiency.
  • Price: In as much as there are pricy cordless jigsaws, there are also good ones that are cheap.  Most of the times we tend to think that the pricy cordless jigsaws are of high quality. However, you can still find a cordless jigsaw at a fair price. The best thing would be to go after quality rather than the price. You need to go through the cordless jigsaws and their features and identify the one that fits your budget.
  • Grip: You do not want to have a cordless jigsaw with a bad grip. A good grip will ensure that you are safe and enhance your accuracy too. It is therefore important to ensure that the cordless jigsaw has a good grip as it will give you comfort as you work.
  • It’s Line of Visibility: Visibility is very important. You should be in a position to clearly see the cutting edges for you to get accurate results. You can choose to go for a cordless saw with a built-in blower for the sake of visibility.
  • Warranty: A warranty is very important especially when you are purchasing a cordless jigsaw for the first time. This is because you will be able to get a replacement in case the cordless jigsaw is faulty. Also, go through the warranty conditions for you to understand them.


We hope that you got to choose the best cordless jigsaw from the list. Each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Another thing you will notice is that each cordless jigsaw has different features. However, they are all of the high quality which is why they qualify in the list of the best cordless jigsaws in the market.

You can, therefore, go for the one that you feel will help you meet your needs.  In case you would want us to point out one for you, then DEWALT DCS331M1 Cordless Jigsaw takes the first position while Makita takes second place. For people working with a budget, PORTER-CABLE PCC650B Cordless Jigsaw and Ridgid R8832B Jigsaw will be the most suitable for them.