Best Chainsaw Under 200


You are in the right place if you are looking for the best chainsaw under 200 dollars. A chainsaw is in the list of must-haves in most households. You will need it when clearing tree branches that are left after cutting down trees or those left behind after big storms.  You may also need a chain saw when pilling firewood in preparation for the winter season.

It is important to ensure that you purchase the best chainsaw in order for it to serve you for a long time and also to ensure efficiency. It is possible to get a high-quality chainsaw at a friendly price. Some even below 200 dollars. You only need to take your time and go through all the chainsaws below 200 dollars and pick the best.

We have come up with a list of the best chainsaw under $200 in the market. You can go through them and choose the one that is most suitable for the task you plan to undertake.  You will also get all the information you need for you to compare them and choose one that suits your budget and needs.

The 5 Best Chainsaw under $200;

1.DEWALT 20 Chainsaw Model

When purchasing this chainsaw, you have a choice of purchasing a cordless chainsaw without a battery or you can purchase one with a fixed battery even though you will have to pay more for it. Anyone looking for a chainsaw that is light should go for DEWALT 20 chainsaw model. It is about nine pounds and has a twelve-inch saw which is able to cut all kinds of timber that one would want to.

It is also easy to tighten the chains of this saw without experiencing any challenges. The bar is also adjustable. This means that you can adjust it to the level that you will be comfortable when using it.

Another great feature of this chain saw is that has a very efficient motor which is also brushless. It is a feature that the operating life of a chain saw. Also, the chainsaw has great speed. It is able to move at a speed of about 25.2 feet each second. Such speed is enough to trim all the branches and cut through the brush.

This type of saw is the safest since it does not kickback. It can be used by a newbie without any challenges. It is also easy to control hence minimal or no accidents. On the other hand, this saw has a tendency to leak oil. The oil may leak from the reservoir or it may leak from its oil cap.  It is important to ensure that you lubricate the saw before you start using it.

Another thing you need to do is draining the bar and oil after each use. This will help in improving its efficiency when using it. Take your time to go through this saw and it may turn out to be the kind of saw you have been looking for.

  • It is light in weight
  • It’s the safest for novice usage
  • It is highly efficient
  • Great speed
  • The battery is purchased separately
  • Leaking of oil
  • Needs maintenance every now and then

2.EGO Power + 14 – Inch 56 Cordless ChainSaw

This type of chainsaw is 14 inches long. Anyone looking for a chain saw that is powered with a motor should go for Ego Power. This means that the battery can run for up to 6300 RPM. This speed enables you to be able to easily cut a log that is two-foot diameter long.

Most people use this chainsaw to cut small trees especially when they want to cut them into small logs to be used as firewood.

It is worth noting that as much as Ego Power uses a battery, it does not come with a charger or battery. They are purchased separately. One would benefit more from it if they already have the Ego power saw and the other cordless tools. It is advisable to go for this chainsaw when you already have the battery and other cordless tools.

Ego power chainsaw is safe to use since it has a kickback brake. Even a first time user can use it without any challenges. It is also easy to fill the oil but you need to ensure that it is well lubricated. Lubrication helps in preventing the battery from overheating. This gives the battery a longer life as compared to when it is not lubricated.

  • It is powerful
  • It has the biggest diameter among all the listed chainsaws
  • It is safe to use
  • You purchase the charger and the battery separately
  • There is a need to keep monitoring the lubrication process
  • Chain tensioning is done manually

3.Black+ Decker Model LCS1240 49 – Volt 12 Inch Cordless Chainsaw

Could you be looking for an efficiently powered chainsaw?  Your search ends here. Black+ Decker Model LCS1240 49 – Volt 12 Inch Cordless Chainsaw is a type of saw that will give the best results when it comes to cutting down of thick logs.

The saw has a 12 inches blade which works perfectly. The perfect thing about this power saw is that it has the ability to retain battery charge for a long period of time. Another great thing about it is that you do not need any special tools for you to tighten the tension of the saw.

This chainsaw also has handles that are easy to handle. You will, therefore, be able to handle them comfortably. The only downside of this chainsaw is that it leaks oil after using it for a long period of time.

  • It has comfortable handles
  • Its chain tensioner is easy to use
  • Its plug and play battery is of high quality
  • It has a short run time
  • It may leak oil if you do not monitor it well

4.Greenworks Brand 16 – Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw

This type of saw is electric. Even so, it comes with its own lithium-ion battery to power it.  The good thing about this chainsaw is that its battery is compatible with all Greenworks brand G – Max tools.

It also comes with a brushless motor that has minimal vibration even though it has an ability to maximize its run time. Also, this saw is safe. Its kickbacks are so slow since the brake has an ability to engage the once it starts to kick. This makes it the safest chain so and can be even be used by first-time users.

Another great thing about this chainsaw is that it is electric. It is the best for people who do not like to start the gas powdered chain saws. It is easier to start an electric one than a gas one anyway. Another thing is that the battery is so powerful. It will only go off when it is almost running out of power.

This chainsaw has a transparent tank. This enables you to monitor the oil even as you use the chain saw. The good thing with this chain saw is that it does not leak. You will be able to utilize all the oil without leaking.

Even though this chainsaw has perfect features, it is difficult to adjust its chains on the saw. You need to keep adjusting the chain lest it falls. We consider this saw to be the best chainsaw among the 5 we have listed. Its features are so excellent and easy to operate.

  • It comes with its own battery
  • Its battery is powerful
  • It’s compatible with the other Greenworks accessories
  • It has a perfect guarding system
  • You need to tighten the chain every often

5.Black + Decker Model LCS 1020 20V Max 10- Inch Lithium-Ion Chainsaw

Anyone looking for a portable electric chain saw should go for Black + Decker Model LCS 1020 20V Max Lithium-Ion Chainsaw, 10- Inch.  Even though it has a small blade, it works so perfectly. It is also cost-friendly as compared to other chainsaws.

The chain saw comes with its own battery which also keeps the charge for a long time. The good thing about this chainsaw is that it is easy to tighten the tension. You do not need special tools to tighten them.

The chainsaw has a short blade and even so, it has a kick bar which makes it very safe for its users. It also has a long battery life which depends on how you use it. Another feature is that the weight of the chainsaw is 7 pounds which allows you to use the saw until the battery’s charge runs out. However, the life of a battery depends on the amount of work you use it for.

If you use it for light jobs, it will stay longer but if you use it for heavy jobs the charge runs out within a short period of time. We recommend that you use this saw to cut little branches and vines. Avoid using it for thick timber as it may break the blade. Also, ensure that you monitor the oiling system as it works in order for you to avoid some challenges.

  • It’s light in weight
  • The tensioning system is easy to use
  • The chainsaw comes with its own battery
  • You have to monitor the lubricating system for it to work well
  • The blade is short

How to Choose the Best Chainsaw under $200: A Quick Buying Guide

You need to take your time even as you look for the best chainsaw under 200 dollars in the market. Being cheap does not warrant a low-quality chainsaw. You can still get a high-quality chain saw at a cost-friendly price. You only need to take your time and go through the list and you will be in a better position to choose one that suits your needs. Before you even begin your search, you need to ask yourself the following questions;

  • What do you Intend to Cut with the Chainsaw?

The type of chainsaw you purchase depends on what you want to cut. If you intend to use the chainsaw for cutting thin branches, any of the chainsaws will work perfectly. For thick wood, you need a more powerful chainsaw. Go for the chainsaw that works well both thin and thick logs instead of purchasing different chainsaws for different sizes of logs.

  • Which Cordless Tools do you have?

When looking for a chainsaw, it is important to ensure that you purchase one that can work with the rechargeable batteries that you have. This will help in ensuring that you do not incur extra costs purchasing other batteries.

  • How much do you wish to spend on the Chainsaw?

The amount of money you have will also determine the type of chainsaw you will purchase. Take your time to go through all the chainsaws and their features before setting for any of them. Also, find out if they come with all accessories and batteries. This will save you the shock of finding out that you need to buy them separately. You will also be able to plan your budget early enough and order them once you have enough money with you.


Getting the best chainsaw under 200 dollars may be a difficult task. However, we have analyzed the best together with their features. Feel free to go through each one of them and identify the one that is most suitable for the tasks you intend to carry out.  One thing you may need to consider is its speed and battery life. These features will enable you to experience efficiency when using them.

Taking your time to identify the best chainsaw will also save you money and time. You will be able to get an insight on the best one and go for it without second thoughts. All the chainsaw we have discussed are pocket-friendly and easy to use. They are suitable for even the first time users.